Mobile Substation

Panusan's definition of Mobile Substation is a complete self contained trailer-mounted units comprised of Power and Earthing/Auxiliary Transformers, HV and MV switch gears, HV and MV measuring instruments in addition to container enclosed AC & DC, Controls, Protection, Measuring Panels with optional cable reeling equipments. Panusan Electric's turnkey solution of factory-made Mobile Substations which can be specified either AIS (Air Insulated Switchgears) or GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgears) have been manufactured based on this definition.

Factory-made Mobile Substations have obvious advantages:

They are very flexible; A vehicle carried pull-type Substation can be transported to any suitable place with Power supply no matter whether the place is in the countryside, in the mountains or near by a road. Since the workload is extremely low, the connection and installation of the substation can be completed considerably rapid.